Our Story

Growing up can be hard, can you imagine how much harder it would be if you couldn’t express yourself creatively?

This was the viewpoint of the people behind We Heart Arts, born from a DIY music scene and with a passion to help the next generations pick up an instrument, a pen, a paintbrush or a book we set out to make the world just that little bit easier and that little bit better for our youth.

We set out a plan for ourselves, for the next generation and the generations that follow:

  • We want to raise money for young person’s creative arts through the selling of our t-shirts, prints and charity singles.
  • We want to release a series of compilations that will raise funds for young persons creative arts programs and will allow young bands to feature alongside established bands.
  • We want to publish books that everyone young and old can enjoy. We also want to give away a copy of our books for free for every ten copies that we sell.
  • We want to raise awareness for the need for young person’s creative arts programs and workshops with the help, love and endorsement of our favourite bands

We are big believers that:

  • Creative arts teaches young people the value of lifelong active personal expressionism
  • Creative arts teaches young people to question the world they live in
  • Creative arts teaches young people that thinking outside of the box is an important mental function in life
  • Creative arts teaches young people to engage in a social network of proactive young people invested in a community built on meaningful, sustained ideas and expressionism
  • Creative arts opens up a world of opportunities for young people to grow and help others through arts therapy
  • Creative arts can open up an avenue of communication for young people with learning difficulties
  • Creative arts can help young people process and work through traumatic experiences
  • Creative arts can provide peer interaction and a sense of community, independence and feelings of control
This isn’t so much a movement but a collective effort to make life better the only way we know how. We Heart Arts and so should you!