• Here are the first ten prints from our AwesomeBet project. We challenged ten designers to reimagine the alphabet and design a limited edition A3 heavyweight print from the letter they were given.

    These prints are now on sale over at our store with 100% of the money going to children’s creative arts projects.

  • Over the years We Heart Arts have released a few TeeShirts, we always work with young designers to give them exposure; again all money made from these shirts go towards children’s creative arts projects.

  • The government is cutting music programs in schools and slashing Arts grants as gleefully as a morbidly American kid in Baskin Robbins. So if only to stick it to the man, isn’t it worth fighting back in some small way?

    So write your damn book. Learn a Chopin prelude, get all Jackson Pollock with the kids, spend a few hours writing a Haiku. Do it because it counts even without the fanfare, the money, the fame and Heat photo-shoots that all our children now think they’re now entitled to because Harry Styles has done it.